Special Treatment


Total Lifting


Contains 1500 Traces Elements, 22 Amino Acides, Proteins, Linoleic Acids, Nucleic Acids, Carotenes, Chlorophyll, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Deep Sea Red Algae, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin A,B,C,E, Collagen, Panthenol, Silk Amino Acids, Glycerin and Water.


  • Provides lifting effects and helps refine facial features
  • Super firming bust treatment and body shaping
  • Promotes collagen production at an epidermal level
  • Protects skin cells from the damaging effects of free radicals
  • Strengthens the cellular structure to improve self-regenerating capacity of skin cells


Placenta Lifting Serum


Highly soluble, non-greasy and easily absorbable. It contains bioactive factors and active proteins in highest content to promote the growth of collagens, enhance the release of epidermal growth factors, which will rapidly form a protective layer on the skin surface and strengthen its natural restoring functions.


Other hydrating ingredients and lavender extract are incorporated in the product to retain water for the skin, increase its elasticity, reduce dark spots and flatten wrinkles.


The overall effect is to rejuvenate your skin with youthful luster and fluidity.


Replenishing Eye Restoring Serum


After maturation, skin cell activity begins to slow down, coupled with ultraviolet rays, work stress, lack of sleep, etc., accelerate skin aging, and begin to produce fine lines and wrinkles.

Fine lines only appear on the surface of the skin, but when we need to use facial muscles to make various expressions, deep wrinkles will form. And these wrinkles formed when making expressions are called dynamic wrinkles. When we are young, our muscles can "rebound" to their original position after making various facial expressions; but as we age, muscles lose their ability to "rebound", and dynamic wrinkles will become static wrinkles. As the skin remains folded along the contours of the muscles, wrinkles and creases also appear. This means that the skin, muscles, and cells should be fully repaired if the wrinkles are to be comprehensively restored.

‘Kirara Replenishing Eye Restoring Essence’, take just 28 days to reduce dark circles by up to 28%, repair dynamic eye wrinkles by 36%, reduce static lines by 42%.